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healthEcamper makes your life easier with s step by step health form process and the ability to easily re-submit child health information if attending another camp at same organization or another organization if using healthEcamper.

Parent Dashboard

Health forms are static, cumbersome and take time to fill out. Every camp seems to have the same forms, yet every camp wants their forms completed. Welcome to the ease and simplicity of healthEcamper! From the Parent Dashboard, you have access to your parent portal, an events section displaying clear deadlines, and your Children’s Health Information with visual progress of completion displays. Simply click on the desired camp, and continue.


Camper Health Form Wizard

HealthEcamper breaks the camp health form process down into 8 clear, concise simple steps: Child’s Information, Emergency Doctor Contact, Immunizations, Diet & Activity Restrictions, Allergies, Medications, Health History, and Authorization. The wizard guides you through, facilitating ease of completion. Participating in multiple camps that utilize healthEcamper? You only need complete the wizard once, as healthEcamper allows you to import your child’s info from one camp registration to another, eliminating frustration and saving your valuable time!

Parent/Child Profile

Have a change of information? Any time access to both your personal parent profile, and your child’s profile allows you to quickly and timely update personal information. On the parent profile, you may also opt in to email notification from camp staff when your child receives medication. Enjoy peace of mind while your child enjoys his or her time at camp!



Suggest healthEcamper to a camp provider and make your life easy.

We understand that your time is valuable, and hope that your experience with healthEcamper led to both saved time, and peace of mind. Does your child attend, or want to attend, a camp you’d like to see using our system? Suggest healthEcamper to the Camp Provider with the form below, and make your life even easier.

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